The Wildflower Group of Marin

Did you know that divorce is often the single most devastating emotional and financial event a woman can go through in her lifetime?

 A divorce can be a tremendous burden: it is often complicated, expensive and very lengthy.

To provide you with resources and the much needed network of support you will need to make as smooth a transition as possible, I started the Wildflower Group of Marin.




The Wildflower Group is a national network of divorce professionals dedicated to empowering women with vital information and community support.

The flagship Wildflower Group was started in 2006 by Joan Rogliano, a nationally-recognized Realtor specializing in divorce to help women in the Denver metro area face the challenges that accompany divorce and widowhood.

The Wildflower Group was featured on the Today Show in January 2016 (view the video above featuring Joan's Denver Wildflower Group) and the response has been overwhelming.

There are women all over the country going through the emotional and financial devastation of divorce (and widowhood,) you are not alone. Feel free to reach out to me.



The goal of the Wildflower Group of Marin is to empower women navigating divorce and widowhood (aka Wildflowers) by providing trusted professional resources and encouraging a new community of support and fun.

It is to celebrate women who have risen over tremendous challenges and difficulties in their lives and can inspire, and provide hope to, others experiencing the same challenges.


The Wildflower Group of Marin

The Wildflower Group of Marin

  • Our education events offer the opportunity to gain knowledge that will help you make smart decisions.

  • Socializing during and after divorce can be challenging. Networking at our Wildflower Events can help you connect with other women who understand what you are going through and be inspired by women who have walked a similar path and are now living fulfilling, happy lives.

  • Last but not least, we assist you in finding a team that is dedicated to you and your situation by providing referrals to family law professionals, financial planners, tax professionals, loan originators, divorce coaches and mental health professionals.


I am experienced in helping couples going through a divorce make smart decisions about what to do with their marital home. Selling is not always the only and/or best option.

Feel free to contact me to review the options available to you. Call/text at 415-505-4789 or Email me at